In the Upper School pupils wear black trousers or skirt, a white shirt, a school tie, and black blazer with school logo. In the Lower School polo shirts and sweatshirts are worn with black trousers or skirt.

You will receive a full uniform list if your child is offered a place. The school crest should be visible on the uniform at all times. We ask children not to come to school in high heels for health and safety reasons, and we also have some rules to avoid excessive amounts of jewellery or outlandish hair styles.

Boys Uniform                     Girls Uniform     


Permitted jewellery:

One pair of studs (No hoops or sleepers)
A single signet ring may be worn
Alarm watches may be worn only if pupils ensure that they do not go off in the classroom
No other jewellery is to be worn
Hairstyles should be sensible, not dyed or outlandish in any way. Hair fasteners, clips, slides, bands, etc. should be dark blue, white or a neutral colour, to tone with the uniform. These items should not be too ostentatious.

For safety reasons, please note the requirements that heels on shoes or sandals should be flat or no more than 1″ and that one pair of studs only is permitted, no hoops or sleepers.